About me

If you are reading this I am so so grateful you found my page and have an interest in my art work. It really means the world to me. 

A bit about me.... I have loved art since I was a child but always thought it was an unattainable career choice and more so a hobby I loved. About 8 years ago I started to take art classes in my spare time when I met, and was encouraged by my boyfriend, now husband. When my son Freddie turned 1 I joined the Eden Art Group for some welcomed "me time" once a week and over the last few years I have completed many paintings for friends and family members as well as a few commissioned portraits.

Last year with a little extra spare time on my hands at the weekends I developed an idea. Inspired by pixelated images of nature and flowers with a dreamlike quality to them I created "Summer Haze" and then "Fragile Beauty" and for some reason this idea just sort of stuck and I can't stop painting them.

When I paint these images of nature I relax into it the minute I start the process and each time I pick up the brush it's like the flowers themselves lead me and I never know what will come out from the brush. 

My Art teacher Morgan said to me in one of my classes they would make a lovely gift card and so I added another product line! I couldn't not take the opportunity to add in some mood boosting quotes from my favourite women as I am obsessed with quotes, and of course strong women! 

Thanks for visiting my page and if you made a purchase I hope you love it as much as I loved creating it.